JASCON International constitutes a challenge to the globalization of business and the need for expansion and internationalization of companies, which only succeed if this expansion is executed with knowledge of the market it attempts to penetrate.
To support these objectives of the international companies from different segments and ensure the safety of their internationalization process, JASCON International operates in the areas of business performance, taking into account the importance of trade policy in the economic and financial development of a company with international economic relations.

It is fully structured to meet the most varied demands at international level, such as cultural differences, distance, distribution channels and unknown competitors, which are among the obstacles to business when internationalized. In this context we propose to develop and promote adjustment to the specific needs of the new market taking into account the differences between laws and business customs of the countries involved.

JASCON International seeks to provide the best options and adequate strategies to achieve business results in distant markets providing a presence and adapting to meet the real needs of each company, allowing business expansion efficiently and independently in foreign markets. To achieve these objectives, the performance of JASCON, covers various sectors, with solutions tailored to the needs of each company.