• Internationalization is currently the largest and most complete strategy for business growth, especially with the stagnation of the domestic market.

  •        Oil and Gas

  • JASCON International offers market expertise and solutions for creating added value and therefore has a perfect location to expand new markets in Europe Latin America and the Caribbean.

  •        Infrastructure and Transport

  •        Extraction Industry

  •        Agriculture

JASCON International also supports investments and investors to find new suppliers, through our service we are able to create a real trade and help for the internationalization of companies. We offer a customized set of services prospecting and penetrating foreign markets, using the most appropriate methods for each company and the market.

       Textil Industry

  • Participation and representation in international afairs.
  • Bilateral meetings.
  • Incorporation of companies in foreign markets.
  • Meet new international customers.
  • Take advantage of trading opportunities resulting from bilateral agreements in each country.
  •        Technology


  • Identify potential markets for the entry of their products.
  • Make contacts with potential partners for your business.
  • Market research.
  • Support in international negotiations.
  • Development strategies and economic and financial viability.
  •        Energy

    Jascon International develops a commercial practice with a global view of customer and business knowledge, providing advice and strategies to meet the expectations of each partner. Our fieldwork will help our customers in making fast and secure for the development of their business decisions.
    JASCON International drives the internationalization of enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean in search of new business opportunities by taking advantage of natural resources and economic growth in the Americas.
    JASCON international is the best instrument for the internationalization of your company.