External deficit worsened during the first half of 2017

Portuguese workers completed 41.1 hours of work a week in 2016, above the amount traded in collective bargaining. Accounted for 1796.6 hours throughout the year
The Portuguese are among the populations that work the longest hours. According to data from Eurofound - European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, full-time Lusophone employees fulfilled 41.1 hours of work a week last year, a ranking that places Portugal in fifth place among a total of 29 countries .

The United Kingdom has the highest average working hours (42.3 hours), followed by Cyprus (41.7), Austria (41.4) and Greece (41.2). Poland and Portugal also have 41.1 hours. All these figures exceed the EU average at 28 and 5 (40.3 and 40.2 hours, respectively).